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It is the new distribution channel?

Thirty years ago, the main distribution channels for a chemical company were selling chemicals through channels such as fax, telephone, or trade shows. 30 years later, all these channels are still active, but the reach to the customer has shrunk.

No one knows how big digital sales channels will be one day. But other industries promise that this channel will be huge. How big it will be depends on how fast the chemical industry evolves and how quickly suppliers are able to take advantage of new technologies and opportunities.


How can you make money?

Add products to your supplier portfolio and get invited to a request for proposal from our large multinational purchasing companies or a local manufacturing facility of a small and medium sized company and offer your price based on the particular buyer.

Another option is to offer your current stock through PINPOOLS and attract attention from potential buyers.

Short Term

What’s in it for me? Spot requests

We at PINPOOLS started 6 years ago mainly with spot requests. We had buyers submitting their requests via fax, email or phone. And the motivators for the buyer to use this functionality are many.

Depending on the buyer’s strategy, not all volumes are contracted. There can be many other reasons, such as shortages, force majeure, or securing the supply chain.

Demand is driven by customer projects or based on the seasonality of a product. It is always a good entry point to learn more about the company and the purchasing portfolio.

Medium And Long Term

What’s in it for me? Contract requests

Are you looking for inquiries from serious, reputable companies with big baskets and have always wondered how to get into this business? It’s never been easier. Keep your portfolio up to date and enrich your products with as much information as possible to put your company on the potential radar of the larger buying organizations.

The buyer has the final decision on who to invite to their RFQ. Through PINPOOLS, you can get an overview of what you have to offer. Sometimes it starts with a few products you have listed in your portfolio, and the buyer requests a quote from you, and you continually expand your product offering and your chance of winning the bid.

The chance of winning relevant new business has never been easier - and if you’re not listed with PINPOOLS, the chance of missing out on requests from the world’s leading chemical sourcing organizations has never been greater.

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