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Delivering you strong price benchmarks

Know your savings or losses before the tender goes live

Save huge amount of time via data analytics

No trainings for usage and easy implementation

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PINPOOLS  - experience chemical sourcing with data intelligence

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Better decisions for chemical sourcing

Predictive chemical sourcing: Calculate your savings prior to your sourcing event and strengthen your decisions by our chemical data intelligence.

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efficiency gains 35%
save time on analytics
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For procurement

On PINPOOLS you can request and buy from 1 to 3000 products with a few clicks. Our API allows you to export all data to your ERP. See as follows different cases:


We allow you to use different types of RFX such as RFI, RFQ and RFP. Its up to you how you use PINPOOLS. Create your requests within a few minutes.

Tail Spent

You need a tool which enables you to manage your B & C baskets? No problem - with PINPOOLS you can manage up to 3000 products with analytics, benchmarks and much more.

Yearly demand

You are requesting for bigger quantities and need formula pricing being involved? At PINPOOLS you can define your own formulas or let the supplier decide on which formula final prices result.

Series Request

You get frequent price updates from your supply via excel, e-mail, formula based? With PINPOOLS you can track & analyse prices and import those automatically into your ERP-system.


You need fast feedback and do not know who might offer supply for a certain product? Then our spot request is the right choice. Created fast and optimal for up to five products with different auction modes.


Take a look at our marketplace and request prices from certain supplier or buy products for a fixed price.


You are interested in benchmarks for your prices. Let us know and book a demo.


For Sales

Use PINPOOLS as additional sales channel to reach out to new or existing clients and digitize your process.


There are different types of requests which enable you to push sales and offer products. Both parties are visible to each other and there is no transactional fee for supplier.


You decide which transparency you give on our marketplace. Offer products with price, prices only visible on demand or prices are shown to a preselected group - All is up to you.


Product groups

Experience chemical sourcing with data intelligence