Quimidroga S.A.
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Spain 08006, Barcelona Carrer de Tuset 26
Quimidroga is the leading company in the commercialization and distribution of chemical products in the Iberian Peninsula Our activity covers also to other Mediterranean countries through our affiliates in France, Morocco, Algeria and Turkey and we are also expanding our presence in new markets where we might consolidate as chemical distributors. Since its foundation in 1944, Quimidroga has maintained a course of action based on its in-depth knowledge of the business, consistent work and constant loyalty at the service of its suppliers and customers. Quimidroga distributes a wide range of chemical products from industrial ones or commodities to specialities with a high level of sophistication. To do so, it relies on a commercial team of 200 professionals. The Quimidroga products portfolio includes more than 7.000 references from 500 suppliers around the world which makes it possible to fulfil any demand of chemical products from our more than 7.000 customers, selling more than 400.000 Mt. with a total turnover of around 600 million euros. The leadership position of Quimidroga in the commercialization and distribution of chemical products is supported by an efficient logistics, capable to give quick and adequate answers to the specific demands of our customers and suppliers. For this, we count on a highly qualified personnel and a distribution centres net from which enhance the new Logistic Complex of the Company, situated at the Barcelona port and which is one of the chemical products storage and handling centre most modern and best equipped in Europe.
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