18.08.2021, 9:57 am


PINPOOLS has been driving the digitalization of procurement processes in the European chemical industry forward since2016 and now bundles more than 1,000 companies on its platform, including manufacturers and traders from over 50countries. Now, the successful grown-up is taking the next step and expanding its network with the expansion to China. This makes PINPOOLS - to its own knowledge - one of the first independent B2B platform for raw materials in the chemical industry, which brings Europe and China to one large digital table at the same time.

With its expansion into China, PINPOOLS is opening up a new dimension of opportunity. "We have been keeping an eye on the Chinese market for a long time. Now - to our own knowledge - we are the first B2B platform in our industry ready to take this step," says Alexander Lakemeyer, CEO and Co-Founder of PINPOOLS, adding, "China is where 40% of all chemicals are produced. We are thus opening up a completely new market for our customers and users, while offering them transparency and trust." Heribert-Josef Lakemeyer, COO and co-founder, also sees great potential: "The Chinese market reacts very affinely to digital offerings. We already have the first 100 Chinese companies on board for the launch and the network is constantly expanding."


In view of the current shortage of raw materials and increasingly short-term requests, digital channels are nowadays unavoidable. Nearly all leading suppliers in Europe have already recognized this and are represented on PINPOOLS. In addition to the independent marketplace and procurement tool for chemicals and plastics, PINPOOLS offers numerous additional services, such as statistics on traded products, data sheet management, ERP integration, Incoterms and many other process simplifications. PINPOOLS also addresses industry-specific requirements in logistics. For example, deliveries can be made either as full trucks, as general cargo, in multi-chamber tanks, etc.

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