PINPOOLS' vision for the future
3 January 2018, 9:40 am
PINPOOLS' vision for the future
PINPOOLS' vision for the future

What does being a start-up company mean? Sure, it means that we’re new to the market, we’re relatively small and our team is young and driven enough (some may call us crazy) to try and revolutionize an entire industry. But most of all, it means that we’re visionaries. We dream big and aim at creating something that others can’t even imagine.

Over the course of the last few weeks, we were often asked what our vision for PINPOOLS is. It got us thinking because we never really thought about it that way. We had an idea that we developed and published on the market, but until that moment we didn’t go much further with it. At some point, however, we allowed ourselves to dream and move forward with our image of an entirely digitalized chemical industry. What would it mean for suppliers and purchasers? What about logistics and what, of course, is PINPOOLS’ role in all of this?

Entirely digitalized chemical industry. That phrase alone is a vision. Of course, our aim is not to completely eliminate humans from the purchasing and selling process; we merely want them to be able to focus on truly important tasks instead of wasting their time with standard procedures.

In our dream world, everything begins with a digital level indicator inside the supply tanks which is synchronized with current production so exact needs can be calculated. Once a certain critical level is reached, the system automatically transmits a message to the company’s ERP system. This one, in turn, is connected to PINPOOLS and creates a draft for a tender with all the previously generated data. Now the purchaser is asked to review the tender, perhaps adjust a few minor parameters and publish it on PINPOOLS. Just like it is at the moment, included suppliers receive an automatic notification about the publication of the matching tender. In our dream world, however, each supplier has a digital pricing algorithm which calculates the perfect price for the respective company. After the tender has ended, the purchaser choses its supplier with another algorithm. Again, the purchaser only has to review the proposal and validate it.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, PINPOOLS sends a message to a logistics service. All data concerning the type and amount of product, the respective addresses and desired time of pick-up and delivery are transmitted automatically. The logistician then sends out a truck or train (in our vision they drive on their own) and the product is delivered to the purchaser. As soon as it is unloaded into the tanks, the digital level indicators note that restocking was successful and the cycle restarts once the critical level is reached…

Maybe a few years will pass until our dream becomes a reality. But other visionaries, be it from small start-up companies like PINPOOLS or multi-national corporations, are working hard on making the future of the chemical industry a safer, easier and more profitable place for everyone involved. So allow yourself to dream big once in a while; you may be just as much of a visionary.

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