New features coming to PINPOOLS!
2 February 2018, 10:51 am
New features coming to PINPOOLS!
New features coming to PINPOOLS!

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about our vision for the future of the chemical industry and, of course, the future of PINPOOLS. Now we want to go a little deeper into how we’re hoping to make that dream a reality, one step at a time. This article explains just a few of the new functionalities which we have planned at the moment. Each new part of PINPOOLS is another step into the direction of a fully digitalized chemical industry, so join us in making our vision reality.

It is no secret that high-quality data is crucial to any business in the 21st century; PINPOOLS aims at providing that kind of data. Momentarily, we are working on increasing the amount and value of goods traded on the platform in order to depict the entire chemicals market on PINPOOLS. Our detailed statistics and analyses of market prices, traded amounts and other developments allow our users to gain real-time market insight which is unavailable at the moment and thus, increase their profitability.

Another highly relevant topic is logistics. Our IT developers are currently designing a feature which offers the perfect logistics conditions to products purchased via PINPOOLS. We are working together with renowned logistics experts in order to develop a system which facilitates the shipping process for both the supplier and the purchaser, hence taking another step into the direction of a fully digitalized chemical industry. We are planning on implementing this feature in the second quarter of 2018.

Data sheet handling is another one of our main features planned for 2018. The chemical industry is and has always been a highly complex market because of its diversity of factors to be considered. Acetone is not always acetone and hydrochloric acid is not always hydrochloric acid. Instead, multiple characteristics such as the concentration or purity have to be regarded when dealing with these goods. In order to reduce the complexity in chemical trade, it is imperative to have the right information to base purchase decisions on. PINPOOLS will soon provide that data, resulting in a facilitated flow of information among partners.

Based on our future data sheet handling, we are currently designing a database for chemicals offered by PINPOOLS’ suppliers. This database will prioritize the product side by providing a platform with detailed information and characteristics of each product. As a result, purchasers gain a comprehensive platform for their raw materials which allows them to compare products and their specific aspects.

Last but not least, solvency information is going to be implemented in the next few months. This feature entails information about the solvency of each company participating in the transactions on PINPOOLS. As a result, further transparency of the market is provided which in turns gives both parties more security in their business.

As promised, there are lots of new features coming to PINPOOLS soon (who knows if we’ll ever be “finished” with the platform). In case you are missing anything, feel free to call us at +49 211 9763 3827 or send our head of product development Heribert-Josef Lakemeyer an email ( We’d love to hear from you!

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